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Still - if a game deservers to have some online traction - if a game deserves to have everyone hyping it, it is this one. So far (for me) - the best VR MP game to date (or the game with the most potential). It even stopped me playing Vox Machinae (and that game is a real blast too!). It seems to me that the VR gaming community constantly hypes the same predictable handful of games, and there are some real treasures like this that go under the radar. We need to be more aware of the endgame of this trend. There are a lot of VR crap pumped out each day on Steam, swamping the genuinely good games. Don't let this one slip through the net!


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Really awesome locomotion system. Flying doesn't seem so cool in VR. However flying on an arrow is really cool. The Sci-Fi map is awesome and is everything you'd want from the future. There are different types of bows and 3 types of arrows(normal, freeze or ice, expolsive) and a Katana and a Hammer. The bow types include Scatter, multiple arrows, Sniper etc. Rwally fun game espically if you have friends with VR.


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I never write reviews but this game deserves to be played. The of the best VR games by a long shot. The game is awesome on the Rift S. Developers are open to input from the community. This games is going to be fire once more people hear about it. For more detailed review what this


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Best VR BR there is! BUY IT WHAT YOU WAITING FORRRR ** Arnold. If you bought this game long ago and haven't tried it recently I suggest jumping in again. --EDIT-- Dev fixed vibrations!


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I usually don't take the time to leave reviews on games. But I thought I should in this case. First I'm a casual VR gamer. Just recently got into VR and really love it! This is the first multiplayer game I actually REALLY REALLY love playing, for either 10 mins or 3 hours. It has enough mix of strategy and action, which doesn't take long to get, that even the most advanced or casual VR gamer will enjoy. The moving around takes a little getting used to, but once you get it -- it's so fun! I find myself jumping from building to building and almost falling over in my own living room, hah!. At the end of the match I usually have sweat dripping off my head. To me, that is as fun as it gets! You must try this one!


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On the surface Airranger is a battle royal with quicky but intuitive movement mechanics and incredibly fun bow play. However below that lies an absolute gold mine of possiblities and potential. As it is, this game is more then worth the price, its incredibly fun in its current state (if not a bit basic), but what i'm most excited for is whats to come. Once this game starts building a player base this is going to be an absolute must have for all VR owners. In short, I would highly recommend Airranger to anyone with a VR headset.


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i would like to explain long about why i recommend this game. But i can't because i wanna play it again now so just buy it and lets meet in game


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Airranger is a competitive multiplayer VR game with fierce arrow fighting and fluid movement. Beat all your opponents with sacred bow and arrows in your own way and become the last man standing!