Chesstar won the prize for HP developer VR/XR game.

Since opened on August 10, the HP VR Developer Competition has attracted over 60 teams from education, gaming, real estate, healthcare and other industry sectors.
Hibow developed by Chesstar came out on top and won the Excellent VR Award from over 100 PC VR entries. 


Chesstar works won multiple prizes in Qualcomm XR development competition

On September 23, 2021, the Qualcomm XR Innovation Application Challenge 2021, organised by Qualcomm and China Telecom, held an award ceremony at the Hilton Qingdao Golden Beach Hotel. 31 outstanding entries were selected from over 230 entries worldwide and won the Platinum, Gold and Silver Awards.
Hibow won the HTC VIVE Special Prize Award, and LoopSpace won the Platinum Award of the Funlily Innovation Award.


Chesstar has become the National High-tech Enterprise

Chesstar was granted the 'National High-tech Enterprise'  certificate jointly issued by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Finance Bureau, and Shanghai Taxation Bureau of State Administration of Taxation in the fourth batch of high-tech enterprises evaluation in Shanghai in 2020. The recognition of National High-tech Enterprise is a support and recognition of Chesstar's continuous emphasis on the research and development of high-tech products and the transformation of achievements.


Chesstar LoopSpace won Unity MWU China List 2020 Best XR Game Award

On October 15, 2020, Unity, the world's leading real-time 3D creation and operation platform, announced that the Made with Unity (MWU) China Awards 2020 is now open for entries from creators using the Unity. The MWU list is an annual competition organized by Unity to select outstanding works produced by Unity engine.
Hibow and LoopSpace were selected for the Best XR Game Award.
Finally, LoopSpace won the MWU China List 2020 Best XR Game Award.


Kingdom of Blades Won  WDA 2020 Best Mobile VR Game Award

VIVEPORT launched the 2020 Wave Developer Competition (WDA) in October 2019, setting up over one million prizes, technical support and more to help developers. The competition gathered hundreds of mobile VR content developers from all over the world. After 8 months competition, 24 entries finally stood out.
Kingdom of Blades won the WDA2020 Best VR Game Award and NeonSprint won the Best Visual Silver Award.

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